Building a One-Piece Stratocaster Neck (Part 2)

The last post left off with the curved truss rod channel having been routed. Now the blank begins to look like a guitar neck.

The first step is to cut out the outline of the template on the bandsaw. I cut close to the mark, without going inside the line (an actually leaving about 1/16″ to be safe from blade wander).

Here is the neck bandsawn out:

It would be safe to take the neck straight to the router now, but just to be on the safe side (both for my fingers, and to prevent the maple from tearing out on the router, especially at the endgrain) I get as close to the line as possible on the sander:

Here is the neck after sanding, and ready for the template to be attached. I use double sided duct tape to attach the MDF template to the neck, then route it flush using a 1/2″ pattern routing bit. I am missing a couple of pictures here, but it is fairly self-explanatory.

Here is the neck after routing. You can see a few burn marks from the router which are easily sanded off. I route the neck blank flush with the template in small passes, taking off about 1/6″ per pass. You can see this stratification in a couple of the burn marks.

Next, using a Wagner Safe-T Plane, I plane the headstock to within 1/32″ of its final thickness:

Then, on a floor-mounted belt sander, I rough out the transition:

That’s all for Part 2. In the next installment, I will be drilling and filling the rest of the truss channel, and making the truss rod.

Continue on to Part 3.


One Response to Building a One-Piece Stratocaster Neck (Part 2)

  1. paul dols says:

    I have been thinking of making a tele neck and the information you have posted here has removed all questions. You should get this material copy written and published people will take advantage. Thanks fasinating read.

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